Current Suppliers

Badger Bay Mussel Farms Iceberg Select
Box 316
Triton, NL  A0J 1V0
Contact: Juan Roberts
T: (709) 263-2104
M: (709) 263-6156
F: (709) 263-2154
E: Juan Roberts

Iceberg Select™ is the finest brand of mussels produced in North America. These world class mussels are produced by Badger Bay Mussel Farms Ltd. along with eight other affiliated growers working together to form Iceberg Select™. Our mussels are harvested using the most modern techniques and equipment in Atlantic Canada. State-of-the-art primary processing is handled by Allen’s Fisheries Ltd. before Iceberg Select™ mussels are shipped to market.

Greens Seafoods Limited
PO Box 99
Winterton, NL
Contact: Jennifer Sheppard
T: (709) 583-2670
F: (709) 583-2804
E: Jennifer Sheppard

Greens Seafoods™ Ltd. has been owned and operated by the Green family for over 100 years. Four generations of the family have been dedicated to producing high quality seafood, starting with Edgar J. Green in 1905.


Norlantic Processors
Thimble Bay Blues
PO Box 381
Botwood, NL
Contact: Terry Mills
T: (709)484-3594
M: (709) 486-1977
F: (709)257-3103
E: Terry Mills
Norlantic Processors™ is a Blue Mussel farming and processing operation based in Pleasantview,    NL. Norlantic Processors Ltd. currently operates three approved mussel aquaculture sites:

1. South Arm

2. Charles Arm

3. Mouse Island-Tea Arm

These three sites are located in Notre Dame Bay, NL and combined provide 676 hectres of usable water, 348 of which are located at our deep water site of Mouse Island. The plant and farm are continually audited by the CFIA and meet all the necessary regulations to ship nationally and internationally. Terry Mills, sole-owner and operator, has over twenty years experience in the cultivation, processing and handling of live mussels. While working with the Marine Institute and Memorial University, Terry has gained extensive knowledge on mussel biology, farm practices and husbandry.


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“..fully traceable from seed to plate…”

“...good source of omega-3 oils…”

“…friendliest growing methods…”

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